6 Tips For Prepping Your Home For Sale

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Preparing to sell your home requires a thoughtful approach, especially since it is one of your largest financial assets. Most buyers today are looking for a home they can move into without doing a lot of work. That’s why you’ll want your home in prime condition, looking the best it can be so your home won’t slip through the cracks. You only get one chance to make a first impression! Use these six tips to whip your home into shape and position yourself for a successful sale.

1. Refresh Landscaping
The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see. Curb appeal is crucial when putting your home on the market. Poor curb appeal could discourage potential buyers from even coming inside. Weed your garden, plant flowers, prune your bushes and mow the lawn to give your yard a fresh and manicured look.

2. Deep Clean
Give your home a good cleaning, inside and out. Clean the gutters and pressure wash the exterior of the home, driveway and walkways. Give the interior a thorough cleaning and really pay attention to the details. Get your carpets professionally cleaned, wipe down windows and polish appliances. A clean appearance will reassure buyers that the home has been well-maintained. 

3. Freshen Up the Front Door
As the entrance to your home, your front door requires some extra attention. Replace faded house numbers so they are visible from the street. Invite buyers in with a new welcome mat. Give the door a fresh coat of paint and choose a color that is a nice contrast to the color of your home. 

4. Depersonalize and Remove Clutter
You want potential buyers to envision themselves and their belongings in your home. Remove photos and personal items. Messes and clutter are not only aesthetically unappealing, but they also give the impression that your home does not have enough storage. You may even consider renting a storage unit to temporarily get items out of your home while it’s on the market. You can even get some packing materials to start packing up items you won’t need before you move, like seasonal items and knick knacks.

5. Eliminate Odors
After you give the interior a thorough cleaning, which is sure to help with odors, spray a neutralizer. Hide any litter boxes, pet beds and any other items that can contribute to unappealing odors in the home. Before showing the home, put out fresh flowers and bake cookies to give off a pleasant and inviting aroma. 

6. Address Repairs
Do you have any repair projects you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to check those off your to-do list. You want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of any scuffs, marks and loose screws that may turn off buyers. Don’t ignore the more costly repairs like windows, roof and HVAC — these upgrades generally give a great return on investment when selling your home. 

Selling your home can be a lot of work, so let a Shorewest, REALTOR® assist you through the process. Our knowledgeable agents are eager to help you get top dollar for your home! 

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