Haunted or Home Repair?

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Fall has settled in and Halloween is right around the corner 一 everything feels a little bit spookier than normal! When you hear an unexplained creak or feel a cool draft, your brain goes to the scariest reasoning possible: your house is haunted. Before you call the Ghostbusters, take a second to see if any of the phenomena you’re experiencing can be attributed to one of these common household problems.

Water Heater Screeches
If you’re hearing popping, screeching or crackling, this could be a sign that you have an aging water heater. While common, these sounds are not considered normal for your water heater, and you should look into having your heater repaired to prevent further damage. Though you should always consult a professional when repairing your water heater, you can generally chalk up these haunting sounds to blockage and sediment that have gathered in your water heater over time. The sooner you address this issue, the sooner your home can return to its natural, quiet state.

Billowing Curtains
The air is chilly and your curtains are moving even though the windows are closed一classic signs you have a ghost in your home. Unless, of course, you have drafty windows! Take a moment to ensure that your windows are completely locked when closed. If you’re still experiencing a draft despite totally closed windows, it could be time to install weather stripping. Not only will this prevent cool air from coming in, but it will stop warm air from getting out and help your energy bill stay low. 

Flickering Lights
Sure, poltergeists are known to flip your lights on and off, but faulty wiring can also cause this inconvenience. Any wire is susceptible to failure, but did you know that aluminum wiring in particular can become faulty over time? In areas with drastic weather changes throughout the year, like Wisconsin, this can become a common problem. Reach out to a contractor to see how to best handle those pesky flickering lights.

Scratched Floors
Is it a monster dragging his feet across your floor? Ghosts pushing your furniture around? Or did you simply forget to take your shoes off when you came in and tracked in some rocks? No matter how the scratches and scuffs got there, making your floors look pretty again is an easy fix. For something really small, you can just use a stain marker for a quick fix. If the ghos – er, shoe – in question did some more serious damage, you may have to consider having a professional come out and service your floor.

If you are convinced your home is haunted, hopefully this list was able to both soothe your worries and provide you with some logical reasons as to why things may be going bump in the night. Suppose you’re still concerned due to a pet barking at nothing or mysterious messages being left in the steam on your bathroom mirror, this might be bigger than anything a home repair could fix and it could be time to call in your local paranormal investigators. Whatever the outcome, it is important to stay on top of home maintenance projects, no matter how small. These projects can affect your return on investment if you do choose to sell, and a more up-to-date home will not only sell for more, but help bring up the value of your neighborhood! But who knows, due to a high level of interest in living in a haunted house, maybe a ghost could bring up your home value too. Happy Haunting! 

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