57 New Foods at the Wisconsin State Fair

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Wisconsin State Fair starts today — Thursday, August 2 — and one of the first things people ask about is what’s new on the fair menu this year. Past years have featured food hybrids such as chocolate dipped bacon and cheeseburgers with a Krispy Kreme doughnut bun.

Some of the more buzz-worthy food items include a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped cheddar hot dog on a stick, sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping cream, a “Chimi-Nutella” — a banana, Nutella, cinnamon, pecan, and powdered sugar concoction, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Tator Tots on a stick.

To celebrate all things Wisconsin, State Fair has introduce a Reuben brat, which is dipped in a rye batter. For meat lovers there is also a steak and brat sub.

Check out the Wisconsin State Fair website and get more information on tickets, hours, and dates.

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