Herb Garden Goals

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Wisconsin, while a beautiful place to live, is not known for its perfect weather. This back-and-forth of seasons, especially in the spring, can make it difficult for your dream garden to thrive! Curious about what hearty plants to start with? Try planting some herbs! Herbs thrive in even the harshest Wisconsin climate and soil conditions. Keep reading to decide which plants are the best pick for you! 


Basil is a popular herb that is not only a great asset in the kitchen, but is easy to grow in any community as it does not require much space. You can even grow this plant indoors for extra frost protection! Basil does not require fertilizer, can grow in any soil you have at home and only needs to be watered once or twice a week. Look no further for the ideal low-maintenance herb!  


Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is often used in Mediterranean cuisine. There are multiple variants of rosemary that thrive in different climates, so be sure that the plant you are using is best suited for the season that you want it to grow in! The biggest threat to your rosemary plants is drought. Be sure that if you are experiencing a dry climate you water this plant regularly! If you stay on top of your watering schedule, you’re sure to enjoy a healthy supply of rosemary throughout the year. 


Thyme is one of the most versatile herbs you can grow in your garden and is used in meals to give them a savory, hearty taste. Thanks to variants that are able to grow in both warm and cool climates, thyme is a perfect candidate for a Wisconsin garden! Keep your plant well watered and enjoy一thyme is an incredibly simple plant to maintain and will be happy no matter how new you are to gardening. 


Not only is sage a great tool in the kitchen, but it is a natural pest repellent as well! By just having it in your garden, bugs like mosquitos will be more likely to leave you alone while you’re working outside. Sage is easy to grow in any garden, no matter how poor the soil and is the perfect summer herb! 


Oregano is not only a delicious and fragrant herb, but it is one of the heartiest around, too! You can enjoy growing oregano all year long, it is a perennial herb, and is a perfect plant for edges and garden containers. Be careful, though一oregano isn’t like most herbs. While plants like sage and thyme aren’t likely to take over your garden, oregano requires a close watch to prevent spreading! 

There are many herbs that can be grown in a Wisconsin garden and the ones listed above are just a few of the most popular and versatile options. If you’re looking for plants that are going to be both gorgeous and useful, an herb garden is the perfect place to start! No matter if this is your first attempt at a garden or if you’ve had one every year, you can’t go wrong by planting some herbs. Happy Gardening!

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