Lucky Clover Lawns

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When it comes to landscaping, a traditional grass lawn has been a fan favorite for many years. However, as busy lifestyles take over and environmental concerns continue to grow, you might wonder if there is an alternative. Consider having a clover yard!  With its unique advantages and benefits, the clover yard is gaining popularity as a sustainable and practical option for homeowners. Not sure where to start or how to change your mindset from “weed” to “beauty?” Keep reading for some reasons that make this switch a no-brainer. 


Traditional grass lawns might look nice, but they provide limited habitat and food sources for the insects and wildlife in and around your yard! A clover yard, on the other hand, creates plenty of food and shelter for creatures that need it. The beautiful flowers of clover do wonders to attract bees, butterflies, and other vital pollinators looking for a place to eat, and the dense leaves provide shelter to small insects, too. Not only is maintaining a clover yard a low-maintenance option, but you’re helping preserve essential ecosystems!


Clover lawns are incredibly low-maintenance! They generally don’t require much watering and only need to be mowed between three and four times a year. However, if you’d prefer to not have flowers in your yard and only want to see the lush green leaves, you might want to mow more frequently, especially if you have a bee allergy in your home.

Greener Year Round:

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to have a gorgeous, lush green yard no matter what time of year it is, clover is a great option for you. Clover is able to withstand a rather severe drought, keeping it looking green and healthy in situations where grass would have perished long ago. Not only that, but clover effectively out-grows weeds, too! With a bit of watering here and there, your lawn will look gorgeous no matter your situation. 

If you are looking for both a greener and simpler solution to maintaining your lawn, a clover lawn might be the right choice for you! Whether your yard is in full sun or receives a bit of shade, there are ways to make a clover lawn work, and you’ll be enjoying a beautiful, lush lawn all season long! Not only will you have more free time without mowing, but the ecosystem in your backyard will thank you too. 

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