Shorewest Shares: Six Things to Consider When Selling Your Home

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As the Wisconsin Real Estate Market continues to recover, home sales and prices continue to increase. The best homes are selling quickly these days, and mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. However, many homeowners are still waiting to sell their home, with hopes that the market will continue to improve. More homes are selling today than last year, but sellers have to be willing to do what it takes to sell their home.

Here are six things home sellers need to consider when selling their homes:

1. Overpricing your home. If your asking price is too high, nobody will consider your home. To help come up with a fair and competitive asking price, find out what similar homes sold for in your neighborhood. If you correctly position your home for the market, you will get people asking to see your home and potentially make an offer.

2. Maintaining your home. Is there paint peeling from the walls? Do you have a window that won’t open? When you put your home on the market, it should be move-in ready. If a potential buyer walks into your home and find lots of faults, you risk them walking away or making an extremely low offer. Small investments and repairs completed on your home will help sellers consider your home.

3. Flexibility for showings. More than 80% of homebuyers are shopping online for homes for sale. With price and neighborhood alerts, your potential buyer might receive a notification as soon as your home enters the market. If a potential buyer wants to see your home, you should be flexible so they can see your home on their schedule. If you make it difficult for them to see your home, you are sending a bad message and they could look elsewhere.

4. Leave during showings. The worst thing you can do is hang out at your home when a potential buyer is there. No one wants to feel crowded, or like they are in “your home.” The best way to get a potential buyer to picture themselves in your home is to leave.

5. First Offers. Many potential sellers blow off the first offer thinking that the best is yet to come. The potential buyer can picture themselves in your home and is ready to make a deal. Be willing to make a deal and negotiate.

6. Hire a Shorewest Agent. Your Shorewest Agent is a community expert, having experience marketing homes in your neighborhood. They will create a custom advertising plan to attract potential buyers into your home. They will help you stage your home so potential buyers can picture themselves in your home. They will help you negotiate and counter offer.

If you’re ready to sell your home, contact a Shorewest Agent today.

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