Small Storage Solution for Every Space in Your Home

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Suffering from a lack of space in your home? No matter which room, these space-saving techniques will help maximize room throughout your house.


Sometimes it feels like a squeeze to put in two bedside tables in a smaller bedroom. These help use the wall space you already have, while opening up the floor. Wire storage is perfect for larger items, like books while traditional floating shelves are great for morning coffee cups.

wire storage Pottery Barn Kellan Wall-Mount Shelf.

floating storage

 Pottery Barn Holman Shelf.

Add storage to unexpected places, such as a headboard with hidden compartments. Consider a bed without a footboard and add a storage bench to the end of your bed.


Ikea Brimnes Headboard with Storage Compartment.

Living Room

Sofas and chairs without arms take up slightly less room without cutting down on sitting space.

armless sofaRestoration Hardware Maxwell Upholstered Armless Sofa.

Clear furniture gives off a modern vibe without taking up permanent visual residency. This is great for coffee tables, giving you a surface in the middle of the room while letting your other pieces shine.

coffee tableCB2 Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table.


Go vertical! By using a hanging pot rack, you free up valuable cabinet space for food and utility storage.

pot rack  Home Depot Cuisinart Octagonal Hanging Cookware Rack 

A knife block takes up valuable work space. Use a magnetic knife holder to cut down on countertop clutter.


Williams-Sonoma Wüsthof San Finish Magnetic Knife Rack.

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