Smaller Landscaping Projects that make a Big Impact

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Landscaping is the hard work that makes a home’s curb appeal pop! It brings a sense of pride to the homeowner, helps the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood, makes sure that you have healthy plant and lawn growth and provides great resell value. Here are some tips for low-cost options to help your yard stay healthy.shutterstock_688245415Fertilize. Using fertilizer on your lawn is a fast and easy way to improve your yard’s overall appeal. Always be sure to talk to your local garden shop for what kind of fertilizer your soil needs as it varies all over the state. After a hard Wisconsin winter your grass needs a little TLC, and fertilizing early in the season takes advantage of lower prices and maximizes your lawn’s growth. Make sure to water your lawn regularly in the morning to prevent it from drying out. The best part about it is that it is entirely suitable for a DIY project.

Plant a tree or two. Trees are a wonderful addition to any property. They provide cleaner air, shade, soil erosion and privacy from neighbors. Trees are a little more expensive but if you buy them small enough you can tend to them for years and appreciate the stages of life. This project can be DIY suitable if you buy a sapling, otherwise for a larger tree you may want to hire a professional to dig a hole large enough and transport it as well. Be sure to check with diggers hotline before digging your hole as well!

Stain or refinish your deck. If you have a deck, you know that it takes a bit more maintenance than simply installing it. If it is wood, it will need to be sanded or power-washed, and stained every two-to-three years to preserve the finished look you will want. Keep in mind that weather and sun exposure also play into how often you will need to re-do your deck. So if it’s been five years and your deck is cracking and peeling in places, this would be a great project to take on to give it more life! Depending on your comfortability with a power washer,  this project is entirely DIY material.

Adding a fence or updating your current one. Fences can provide privacy, pet containment, safe place for children to play and can really add some value to your home worth. Chain link fences will be the cheapest options while pre-treated wooden sections will run a little more expensive. Consider tearing out your old fence on your own to save on labor fees. Fence installation will take some time and manual labor, so depending on how much you do on your own; it could be a great option for updating your yard.

Whether taking on small projects like fertilizing your lawn or bigger projects like adding a fence, working on your curb appeal can help your yard stay fresh…literally! Talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® if you have any questions about whether or not a certain project will add value to your home. #ShorewestRealtors #CurbAppeal

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